Speak Up Policy

Huisman Czech Republic s.r.o. as part of group of companies (hereinafter “Huisman”) is committed to ensure a safe working environment, free of harassment, discrimination, fraud, corruption, conflicts of interest and destructive workplace conduct, for all individuals and entities working with, for and on behalf of Huisman (hereinafter: “Subject”) and to protect its reputation of doing business with the highest degree of integrity.

We believe that an open culture, honest behaviour and unconditional communication at all levels are crucial. Huisman encourages all Subjects to report misconduct without fear of retaliation, sanctions, repercussions or unfair treatment. Our Code of Conduct sets out the principles that form the basis for our daily behaviour and decisions. Subjects can use this Speak up platform to address situations that harm its or Huisman’s integrity and potential misconduct.

Huisman Czech Republic s.r.o. excludes receiving notices from persons who do not perform work or other similar activities for him in an employment relations, professional practice or internship or during volunteer activities.


/ anonymous reporting of serious matters

Through this platform, all Subjects are encouraged to (i) submit information on reprehensible matters or (ii) report actions that are unethical, illegal or in violation of internal policies. Reports are to be handled confidentially with an indication of name and contact information or, if desired, 100% anonymously. Huisman shall ensure that all inquiries are treated confidentially and securely.

External notification system, which is managed by the Ministry of Justice, ca be also used. Report Notification

Ivana Cunneen

Local Business Integrity Function

+420 734 289 155

Pavla Šivicová

Deputy in absence of Local Business Integrity Function

+420 604 224 736