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Demand for quality, safety and reliable delivery times

The demanding requirement of product quality and timely delivery of equipment in the offshore industry makes it a particularly challenging market. Not many contract manufacturing companies have the capability to tackle the challenges of the industry.

With decades of experience in the offshore market, Huisman knows what it takes to offer turnkey contract manufacturing services that meet the required lead times, quality, high safety, and environmental standards.

Meeting the required standards

  • All equipment is built in accordance with international standards and certified by recognised authorities such as DNV, Loyd’s Register, and ABS.
  • The production location is certified according to the ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 standards.
  • By making a detailed plan for each production phase at an early stage, we avoid bottlenecks and guarantee meeting the agreed deadline.
  • In-house engineering and production, continuity of staff and investing in knowledge and skill of our employees ensure meeting the quality and safety demands.

We offer production capacity and capabilities to build products and components ranging from offshore cranes up to 250 tons, pipelay and drilling equipment to winches, tensioners, adjusters, a variety of lifting tools and load cells. We have the knowledge and ability to customize standardised products to your needs.

Our goal is that our customers can work more efficiently. Therefore, innovation is in our DNA. We are always looking for ways to do things smarter, better and more efficiently to reduce total cost of ownership.

Delivering a cutting-edge monopile gripper for Jan de Nul Group

For Jan de Nul Group, Huisman designed and manufactured an advanced monopile gripper, which has a modular, tailor-made design to allow use on a wide range of projects for offshore wind farms.

The gripper is unique in its capacity and versatility to accommodate usage in existing and future projects. This flexibility makes the gripper a unique piece of mission equipment that allows Jan De Nul Group to efficiently plan the construction of future offshore wind turbine projects.

Huisman met the high demands for quality, delivery time, and delivery reliability. That is the main reason that Jan de Nul Group were satisfied and commissioned two other projects.

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