Building a track record in contract manufacturing

We help you achieve the next level of solutions with:

We are at our best when the equipment we manufacture consists of a combination of steelworks with either hydraulic and/or electrical systems, fabricated in high tensile strength steel up to S960-grade, to the highest certification standards and which involves exceptional tooling. For example for high tensile steel, 3D cutting and welding tools.

Mission Equipment & Handling Tools

Your one-stop shop for all your equipment handling needs. Onshore or offshore.

Drilling Equipment

Drilling for sustainable solutions, geothermal can cater for 50% of the world’s energy needs.


From 10mT to 10,000mT, no crane is too small or too large for us.

Subsea Equipment

From small tools to large subsea structures. We deliver according the toughest environmental requirements and standards.

Leisure and Amusement Park Equipment

Serving the industry with delight. Delivering the world thrilling and exciting amusement rides.


We are market leader with some of the most extraordinary winches ever built.

Load cells

Do you know that we manufacture the most accurate load cells in the world of heavy lifting?