Ensuring the safety and quality of processes and products

Security and customer satisfaction are our top priorities! Huisman is pleased with its unwavering commitment to product and process safety.

Our rigorous process safety measures ensure that every phase of our operations is created with your safety in mind. We leave no stone unturned in our efforts to protect our employees, communities, and the environment, from comprehensive hazard identification to rigorous risk assessments.

Quality and service are fundamental business values. Consequently, we are renowned for our technical input and innovative solutions, our timely delivery of equipment that satisfies the most stringent performance criteria, full equipment capacity on day one, and a high degree of operational dependability.

Lloyd‘s Register, DNV GL, ABS, NMD, and TüV are among the authorities that certify that all Huisman products are designed and manufactured in accordance with international standards. Since 1995, Huisman, including all of its production locations, has been ISO 9001-certified. As of 2020, Huisman also possesses EN 15085-2 certification for the production of railway vehicles.